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BEFORE YOU DO There are some things you may like to try yourself before giving Aerial Smart a call to eliminate or reduce the cost of technical repair.

How Does your Television Work?

A television receiver is an electronic device that receives audio and video signals from an antenna, cable/satellite, or a video player and converts those signals into visible light rays and audible sound. It displays a picture as horizontal lines on the screen. Each line contains a series of red, green, and blue stripes. At viewing distance, the lines and stripes merge and we see a sharp picture in full colour.  Modern televisions rely on solid-state electronic components that require servicing by a trained technician.


What Can Go Wrong with a Television?

Most problems that you can fix are caused by loose connections or improperly set controls.

TVs made after 1990 are often adjusted with a hand-held remote and on-screen commands. Finer adjustments can be made by an Aerial Smart television service technician. Problems that appear suddenly indicate a failed component, especially if the set has recently been subjected to shock, vibration, or excessive heat. The picture and sound quality gradually deteriorate due to aging.


How Can I Identify a Television Problem?

There are many things you can do before calling for service. First, switch to a different channel or wait a few hours to see if the trouble might be with the cable/satellite service or the broadcaster. Get out your owner’s manual and make sure the controls are set properly. Make sure power is on to the electrical receptacle and test the electrical cord. In addition check the remote control. Most TVs have adjustments for brightness, colour  and sound. Refer to the owner’s manual for adjustment instructions.


How long should your television set last?

TVs have an average life of three to eight years of moderate to heavy (eight or more hours per day) use. Most TVs typically last about five years. But many sets are still out there operating at 15+ years.  Before investing in costly repairs, check the price of a replacement set. Television sound and picture have improved greatly and there are some good deals available.


Please note Don’t even mess with trying to fix a flat-screen TV, Flat-screen televisions have miniature circuit boards that should only be repaired by an electronic technician. Leave service to a professional.

In the meantime, review the owner’s manual to determine the probable cause and solution.  It may just be an adjustment that you can make.


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