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CCTV Surveillance Kit LAN (POE) 2TB Storage with 4x 4/5MP Dome Cameras 50MM-LN8CH2TB4D

$1995.00 incl GST INSTALLED

Features and Benefits
  • Complete project starter pack for CCTV surveillance monitoring day and night vision
  • NVR complete with 2TB storage
  • POE wired CCTV solution offering NVR powered cameras
  • IP digital system for intelligent analysis
  • NVR has built in 8 channel switch capacity
  • 4 x HD CCTV dome cameras with 4/5MP 1080P fixed focus 3.6mm lens with 25metre Infrared night vision

Note: local area network viewing is currently compatible with Windows Firefox ESR (32-bit) and Internet Explorer 11 (64-bit)

4 Channel NVR with 2x 5MP Camera Dome Kit

$995.00 incl GST INSTALLED

4 Channel NVR with 4x 5MP Camera Dome Kit

$1795.00 incl GST INSTALLED